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Mawian ••••• - 23rd Jan 2018 

I have been training with Hannah for a few months and I can assure you that it changed me both physically and mentally. 

Hannah is focused on helping you achieve yours goals and make every session challenging and somehow fun. 


The professionalism and passion for what she does is second to none. Thank you so much Hannah!

Julie Lynch - 16th Jan 2018 

I trained with Hannah for ten weeks and found her to be a great PT. My fitness improved week by week and I felt that the sessions were challenging and encouraging. 
Hannah is very professional and very accommodating and a very enjoyable person to train with. Looking forward to training with her again, 

Vaneesha Alison - 24th Oct 2017 

I would definitely recommend Hannah to those wishing to improve their fitness level and aiming to reach a personal goal. 

At the beginning of my training course, I faced challenging circumstances where I needed that distraction and to re-build my confidence, which was completely non-existent. 

Hannah listened to what I actually wanted to achieve and changed the training programme accordingly. I thoroughly enjoyed each session and am ecstatic I managed to reach my goal within the timeframe intended. 

I could not be happier investing my time with a genuinely nice and dedicated person 

Thank you Hannah. X

Adrian - 15th Jan 2018 

Hannah’s enthusiasm and professional approach to personal training make our sessions very rewarding, concentrated and fun!Her high level of boxing experience and commitment is very clear from the start, in the way she tests fitness levels, and how she listens and understands personal goals and expectations. 

I look forward to our personal training every week and I’m buzzing afterwards! The sessions are tailored, intense and varied, which makes them very lively and progressive. Even after a short time with Hannah’s help, I felt much fitter and more motivated, and changes to diet and my exercise routine seem natural. 
I wanted to find a personal trainer who would be able to help me regain and improve my fitness, increase strength and power, whilst working towards a competitive boxing goal. 

Hannah has a structured plan to help me achieve these aims and is very supportive and patient along the way. 

I really like her approach to fitness and health, with the added benefit of her wide knowledge of boxing. She is enthusiastic and relaxed, and has introduced me to a new way of thinking about boxing training, which I find very engaging and invigorating. I can’t recommend Hannah highly enough!

 Julia ****** -5th September 2017 

Best PT sessions ever done! Hannah is very motivating and very focused on achieving your goal within your deadline together with you. Her expanded knowledge allows for the exercises to be tailored to your requirements, varied and fun at the same time. She will always help push the best out of you. It has been a great pleasure to work with Hannah who is also always in the best mood which motivates even someone who is not a big fan of sport.

Hannah beharry


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