Hannah offers half day and full day visits for all primary school years. Starting with Assemblies Hannah explores attitude and learning and the high importance of resilience, confidence and most importantly the encouragement to never to give up. Hannah then moves on to a number of Mindest and Health Wellbeing Workshops which are carried out in the classroom. This is all followed by a Masterclass non contact boxing session from the World ranking athlete. All the above is flexible to your needs and wants and Hannah is able to tailor these visits around the schools objectives, curriculum and ethos.


 "thanks again for last night it was excellent.  I thought I'd feed this back to you from our longest serving and most respected members of staff, Alex"


Alex Leyland, 

Head of PE,

Bishop Wand School


All of the staff thought that Hannah was engaging and they were inspired by her story. They have all said how excited the children were to meet Hannah and how inspired they have been.


I’d like to thank Hannah for her visit on behalf of the staff and children. It was a truly inspirational visit

David Davies,

Deputy Head of School,

St. Matthew's CE Primary School

 "Well done on organising a slick Awards Eve.

One of the best guest speakers to have graced the event as well.​"


- John

Hannah's visit went down a storm! She was absolutely inspirational. The kids loved it and so did the staff. She was extremely professional and thoughtful. Her talk was clearly well thought through . One of the best visitors we have had in my personal opinion. She spoke for about 40 minutes and for our kids that was a long time to sit still and listen but they certainly did because they were so engaged. I wish I could do that! The Dream Books were important: the kids did some research beforehand so were excited abut her visit. They loved having their books signed.

Seamus MacGibbon,

PE Teacher,

Richard Cobden Primary School






  • 1 x 45 minute Motivational Talk, which includes Hannah’s personal testimonial and the importance of having a strong mindset, in order to achieve your dreams

  • 1 x 15 minute Q&A Session, allowing the children to explore Hannah’s journey on a deeper level


Masterclass Workshop


  • 1 x 45 minute Mindset Workshop, exploring how to build a healthy and strong mindset, through group activity and discussion based worksheets

  • 1 x 45 minute Nutritional Workshop, focusing on health and wellbeing.  It explores what a healthy diet looks like and the importance it can play in your life and how it affects moods


Physical Workshops


  • 1 x 60 minute group based Non-Contact Boxing Workshop, which includes warm-ups, pad work, partner work, circuits and skipping, as well as team and confidence building games 

  • Boxing equipment comes fully provided including gloves, pads, cones, skipping ropes and mats


Q&A Classroom Tour


  • 10 – 15 minute


Warm-up, pad work and circuits

Hannah brings boxing equipment and offers a masterclass to everyone, ensuring it is not only fun, engaging and exciting, but brings alive the morals and ethics she was taught through boxing- being motivated, never giving up, having self-control and being disciplined


Motivational Workshop/Nutrition workshop

Hannah will go into depth about her journey.  It’s a chance for the young people to really gain an understanding of what it's like to be an athlete, but also to overcome hurdles in order to aspire to be the best. She also speaks about the importance of nutrition and brings to life why it is such an important part of her life, helping her achieve her own goals.

Secondary SCHOOLS




  • 1 x 45 min -30 min


Hannah offers a motivational assembly, where she will demonstrate how to achieve your own personal best, by discussing her own sporting and personal journey. She will portray that through hard work and determination, but most of all self-belief,  you can achieve your dreams.


Masterclass Workshop


  • 1 x 45-60 min session​


Hannah will go through a mindset session demonstrating how to achieve your goals through planning and channeling your mind to achieve.  She will provide a goal setting worksheet, which can be assed and reviewed by teachers every month.


  • 1 x 60 min session


Master Non-Contact Boxing Workshop


Warm up, pad workouts


Hannah brings boxing equipment and offers a masterclass to everyone, ensuring it is not only fun, engaging and exciting, but brings alive the morals and ethics she was taught through boxing- being motivated, never giving up, having self-control and being disciplined.


9 month mentor plan


Hannah offers a 9 month mentoring plan aimed at students on the pupil premium.  She will visit once a month to work with the students.  Hannah has designed her own work booklets and also brings the boxing element in to this as well.  Most students demonstrate a massive shift in their behaviour and attitude following this program.

Hannah beharry


T: 07534944968​


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